The Bigger the Fro the More I know
The main character Samantha is smiling and dreaming more bigger these days. Samantha and her friends take readers on a new journey to learn the alphabet, engage more with family and community members, and embrace their inner and outer beauty. Samantha wants readers to know that they are original.
Smile Big Dream Bigger (bilin
Growing up in the inner city of Saint Louis, Missouri, Samantha is surrounded by violence and despair. However, Samantha and her family use a particular gesture, a smile that helps them to get through hard times. When Samantha smiles she dreams of a better future for her community, her family, and herself. Samantha has made a promise to live up to her dream, while always wearing a smile.
Black N Bilingual Hoodie
No Limits to Greatness (Engli
In this book the main character Samantha learns that although her new friends have some physical and cognitive learning disabilities, it does not limit them. Samantha learns that our differences and our disabilities are what make us unique; they also help us to pursue our greatness, and there's no limit to that!
Spanish Alphabet and Vocabulary card
Spanish Cards for ages 3 and up that teaches how to pronounce the Spanish alphabet and other vocabulary words.
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Children learn more from what you are

than what you teach

- W.E.B. Du Bois




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A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality

- Yoko Ono



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